WPATH Assessments

Dr Jamie Barnier conducts WPATH assessments for adult clients (18years and older) seeking to medically affirm their gender.

What’s Involved?
The assessment is a collaborative, interview style discussion, conducted over at least four sessions. Jamie will give further information as to the number of sessions required as the assessment progresses. It entails completing a range of questionnaires about yourself and your mental health and sessions will explore your experiences of gender, including your gender identity, gender development, gender incongruence, and gender dysphoria*. Jamie will ask about your overall mental health history across the span of your life so far.

WPATH Assessments

What is the Assessment Based On?

The assessment is conducted in line with the standards of care set out by World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) and differs depending the type of affirmation being sought (e.g., hormones or surgery). The WPATH standards of care are available here: https://www.wpath.org/publications/soc

Dr Jamie Barnier

What’s Likely to Happen During/as a result of the Assessment?

The purpose of the assessment is not to “decide” your gender identity - that is always your personal journey and understanding to reach. The goals of the assessment are to explore;


The psychosocial impact of gender dysphoria in your life


The influence of current difficulties that might negatively impact outcomes of affirmation/transition


The psychosocial impact of gender dysphoria in your life

Current mental illness does not necessarily mean that you would not meet criteria for affirmation, it may just mean that further mental health support may be required to ensure these difficulties are managed in order to decrease any chances of having a negative impact on affirmation.

The assessment also explores readiness for affirmation, expectations, and supports. If required, there may also be elements of therapy included in the assessment process as deemed necessary. As part of the assessment, and with your permission, Jamie may need to speak to other healthcare professionals involved in your care. Once the assessment is complete, Jamie will be required to write a report to whichever medical professional is supporting you in your affirmation (e.g., a GP or surgeon).

Assessment and Report Costs

Assessment sessions are $220 for a 50 minute session. With a GP referral and valid mental health care plan a rebate of $129.55 is available for each session. The cost for the report is $300 (plus GST). Medicare does not provide a rebate for reports.

Availability and Access

Assessments can be completed Australia-wide (via Telehealth) or face to face at the clinic.
Please contact the clinic on 03 9068 7832 for availability.

More Information

Transhub: https://www.transhub.org.au/ a digital information and resource platform for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People and their loved ones.

*Gender dysphoria is the feeling of discomfort of distress that can occur in people whose gender identity differs from their sex presumed at birth, or sex-related physical characteristics.

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