Overcoming Defences in Therapy

The neurotic is a prisoner of his resistances and needs constant and intense help from the therapist if he is to liberate himself from his chains

Racker, 1968

Defences are inevitable in any therapy session. If left unaddressed, risk of deterioration and drop out increases significantly. Being able to swiftly and compassionately identify, clarify and intervene against defences is key in any successful therapy.

This popular webinar has been presented for the APS as well as colleagues at Melbourne Psychology and Counselling.

Learning Outcomes


Identify some of the most common defences that can occur in therapy


Understand the impact of not addressing defences in therapy (treatment drop out, client deterioration, sub optimal treatment outcomes)


Develop a knowledge around “self supervision”

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On-demand 45 minute webinar.

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Webinar & 60 minute Supervision with Jamie

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On-demand webinar and 60 minute supervision consultation with Jamie (50% saving off of regular supervision consultation fee).

Dr Jamie Barnier

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I count this webinar as compulsory professional development?
If you’re registered with the psychology board of Australia, you can count the webinar as professional development. If you wish to count the webinar as “active CPD” you need to demonstrate evidence of studying a new technique, followed by trialling this technique int he workplace, and a review and evaluation of the effectiveness and implementation of that technique. *Please note, the recommendation of ten hours of “active CPD” is a recommendation of the board, not a requirement (while there is a requirement of compulsory professional development, it does not have to be “active” CPD). For further, information, please see https://www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration/Registration-Standards/CPD.aspx
Will I get a certificate of completion?
If you require a certificate of completion, please email admin@drjamie.com.au

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