M6L1 – Where to from here? Next steps

MODULE 6 : Brief Introduction

  • Repetition and accountability
  • How do I know if I need more help?


  1. Repetition is key. Be diligent with noticing your feelings, anxiety levels and feeling blockers. Over time, you will be much better able to connect with your inner world. Some people like to keep a journal or log of this, others prefer just to keep a mental record. Either way is fine, find a method that works for you, is quick and easy to implement and that you are able to do consistently (Tip: having a specific set apart time each day can help increase success with this).
  2. Accountability. We know that sharing an intent or goal with a trusted other makes you more likely to see it through. Find someone you can trust and open up to about the work that you are doing. Ask them to check in with you around how you are going and what you are learning (Tip: I would suggest finding a friend that you consider to be fairly in touch with their own feelings. Asking someone who has a tendency to avoid uncomfortable feelings and situations themselves might not be the best choice).