M3L1 – Recognizing your trigger ?

MODULE 3 : Brief Introduction

  • Recognizing triggers
  • Triggering thoughts and situations
  • Worksheet on triggers


  • We want to be able to identify the triggering event to your anxiety so that you can begin to face it, manage it and eventually overcome it
  • Think back to your most recent experience of anxiety: what was happening in your surroundings the moment you first started to notice you were becoming anxious?
    • Was it a group dinner where you didn’t know many people?
    • Were you anticipating a difficult discussion with a friend?
    • Was it some bad news you had just received?
  • TIP: It can be tricky trying to recall an event that has happened in the past. To make it easier, you might like to visualise the scene again in your mind as if you were watching a video replay
  • What thoughts run through your mind? Use the following worksheet to help you with this


Case example:

  • Craig was at dinner with a group of friends. The people closest to him were talking about politics – a topic he knows little about (triggering event).
  • We know from before that most of Craig’s symptoms were level 1 (tension headache, tightness in his chest and difficulty breathing) with one level 2 symptom (nausea).
  • Jamie’s thoughts were:
    • I don’t have anything useful to say
    • They’re going to think I’m stupid



Bodily/anxiety symptoms: