M1L4 – Why Won’t My Anxiety Go Away

MODULE 1 : Brief Introduction

 In this module you’re going to learn

  • what anxiety is (and what it isn’t)
  • where it’s experienced
  • what happens when you become anxious
  • When anxiety becomes a problem and
  • Why anxiety won’t go away

In short, Module 1 is all about setting the foundation for a true understanding around what is really causing your anxiety.


  • We wouldn’t want our bodies to stop alerting us to danger (how helpful would it be, if I wasn’t at all concerned if I was actually in danger!)
  • For a lot of us though, we tend to ignore, minimise or block out our body’s internal alert system (anxiety).
  • I had a patient who was so good at this, that the only time he noticed he was anxious was when he was having a panic attack or his skin broke out into eczema.
  • His body had to give off fairly extreme signals before he would pay attention to it
  • Anxiety feels uncomfortable, and is often triggered by hidden or repressed feelings
  • As humans, we tend to do our best to avoid any kind of pain or discomfort (how many of us at the first sign of a headache will take some panadol?)
  • The difficulty is, it’s often the avoidance of our feelings and subsequent anxiety which then leads to further problems (as in the case of my client, the more he avoided his feelings and anxiety at lower levels, the worse his eczema and panic attacks became).
  • That is, ignoring, blocking or minimising the anxiety only serves to strengthen it
  • Similar to a nagging child who might start off whining and then if not addressed, can escalate into a tantrum.