Consultation Fees

I am committed to providing high quality psychological treatment. My fees reflect my years of training, clinical experience and ongoing dedication to improving my clinical skills.

You don’t need a referral to see me however many people accessing psychological treatment are eligible for a mental health care plan (enabling a Medicare rebate for the first twenty sessions of psychological treatment per calendar year) from their GP or psychiatrist. The current Medicare rebate for a clinical psychologist is $137.05.

With a Mental Health Care Plan you can expect your out of pocket expense to be around $113 per session. My first session is 1hour 50 minutes and so the out of pocket expense is higher due to the length of session. The standard session fee is listed above with accompanying Medicare rebate (if applicable).

If you have private health insurance you may also be eligible for a rebate from your health fund provider (Please note you can not claim both a Medicare rebate and a health fund rebate simultaneously).

I also accept referrals from NDIS (self-managed). Please contact beforehand if your appointments are funded by a third party. I do not see clients funded by Work Cover or TAC and I do not complete court reports or assessments (except for WPATH assessments).

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