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I’m a Clinical Psychologist based in Melbourne who helps older adolescents and adults cope with overwhelming emotions and remove the need to numb negative feelings through food, alcohol, sex or drugs. I focus on addressing the root cause of the problem with the goal of creating happiness, peace and lasting change.

Dr Jamie Barnier

experienced psychologist with after hours and weekend appointments available

Are you struggling with overwhelming emotional pain, anger, grief or anxiety? It may be affecting your relationships, work and happiness. You may have tried exercise, medication, food, alcohol, sex or any other number of ways to numb your feelings but found that the problem hasn’t gone away. In fact, it’s probably gotten worse over time. You may be feeling lost, detached, helpless and wondering if things will ever get better.  You desperately want to be free of this pain but aren’t sure of the steps to take to get there.

If so, you don’t have to continue suffering. There is hope and there is help. Reaching out for help is probably one of the hardest steps you can take in your healing journey – but it’s the most important. I see people just like this everyday in my practice.  

Beyond treating symptoms, my aim is to help you get to the root cause of the problem and to overcome the hidden roadblocks that have stopped you feeling better and living the life that you want to live. In so doing, you will feel more confident, happy, hopeful and better connected to those around you.

I have a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and have worked extensively with people from all walks of life. I particularly enjoy working with those between the ages of 17-40, and those experiencing anxiety, trauma and grief.

My core beliefs which influence how I see people and how I practice are below. 

If you would like more information, or would just like to chat further before deciding if I can help you, please get in touch with me.


  • I have a doctoral degree (the highest qualification in the field of psychology) and over 10 years of clinical experience. Through that, I’ve come to understand what works and what doesn’t work in therapy and what leads to lasting change.


  • My approach is to help you come to a deep level of self understanding and to identify and work through the root cause of your difficulties. To that end, I have an extended two hour first session so that by the end of our first meeting you will know how I work and how that approach can help you. 


  • I want to make sure that I am bringing my best to each person I am working with and to see them through to the end of their therapy journey. Therefore, I only take on a limited number of clients at any one time.

Core Beliefs

Even among the most difficult life journey, a better life is possible.

The human spirit is innately resilient and able to overcome tremendous adversity.

Sometimes circumstances get in the way of living out your hopes and dreams but change is always possible.


Many people are uncertain as to whether or not they need to see a psychologist. This short video clip (2.25) will hopefully help bring some clarity to that decision.

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